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#ENRIITCyourCoffee S4:E7 “EPISODES - a European platform for analysing human-activity induced earth tremors"
In our quest for the resources required for modern living such as minerals, energy and water, many of the technologies involved generate earth tremors. The majority of these events are small and only detectable using sensitive monitoring equipment. However, occasionally, larger earthquakes can be induced that can potentially deform the surface, damage infrastructure, and even result in injuries/fatalities. EPISODES from EPOS TCS AH is a platform that provides collections of seismic data for induced earthquakes resulting from a wide variety of industrial processes, together with associated info. such as industrial production data, ground deformation determined from satellite observations, etc., as well as built-in computer applications to aggregate and analyse the data.

EPISODES are collections themed according to the related industrial process, such as mining, hydrocarbon extraction, geothermal energy, carbon dioxide sequestration and water reservoir impoundment. The scientific data is curated and quality controlled so that although the datasets are stored on a variety of data nodes across Europe, the access to the user is seamless via a common interface and analysable by a common set of applications, combinable into workflows, that help relate the industrial processes to the induced earth tremors. The EPISODES platform is free and provides a workspace for processing the data online as well as the ability to download data for offline processing. The data and applications can be used by researchers, industry, education and the general public for a wide variety of uses.

Ian Stimpson, Sr Lecturer in Geophysics at Keele University and vice-chair of the EPOS TCS AH consortium board, will lead this session. He will be joined by Savka Dineva, Professor of Mining & Rock Engineering at Luleå University of Technology and TCS AH's Lead for Projects & Partnership, and Glenda Jones, Research & Teaching Fellow at Keele University from the TCS AH Promo and Dissemination Team.

Oct 21, 2021 03:00 PM in Stockholm

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