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ENRIITC your Knowledge #6: Exploring new avenues for ILOs – knowledge transfer to industry and use of research infrastructures
ILOs are appointed by their governments with the mandate of supporting their national industry as a suppliers to Big Science Organisations. Being nationally based, they have good connection to their national industries, clusters and industry associations. However ILO implication is less common in knowledge transfer and sporadic in supporting industry as a user of RIs. What industrial sectors do Big Science RIs target as users? How do they approach them? In which ways and what are the main channels to foster knowledge transfer to industry fostered in Big Science RIs? And how could ILOs get more involved in these areas of work?

This webinar will provide information to ILOs about these topics and aims to be the starting point for a discussion on the nature of the ILO role and its potential involvement in untapped areas of work. The webinar will be broken down in two parts: in the first one speakers from prominent Research Infrastructures will provide practical information about how they endeavour to target industry as a user and foster knowledge transfer, and in the second there will be discussion rooms where participants will exchange their experiences and views.

Why should you join?
After this webinar, participants will be able to
• Learn how Big Science organsiations in the area of Physical Sciences and Engineering foster knowledge and technology transfer and gain access to related experiences by involved ILOs.
• Understand what industrial sectors are targeted by Big Science RIs and what are the strategies these organisations follow to promote their industrial use.
• Discuss and exchange ideas about potential ILO involvement in the domains of knowledge transfer and industrial use or Big Science Research Infrastructures.

Nov 25, 2021 03:00 PM in Stockholm

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Giovanni Anelli
Knowledge Transfer Group Leader @CERN
"The example of CERN Knowledge transfer services"
Ed Mitchell
Head of Business Development Office @ESRF
"An introduction to industrial access to ESRF beamlines: what are the industries and how are they approached"
Antonio Bonucci
In-Kind Contributions Supply Chain Manager & Industrial Liaison Officer @European XFEL
"Management of industrial research at the European XFEL"